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               My   TALBOTT  ANCESTORS
        with    some  of  their  documentation

BENJAMIN TALBOTT b.  15 June 1811 in  Bourbon Co., KY
Benjamin Talbott was b. 15 June 1811 in Bourbon Co., KY, s/o Daniel Talbott and Elizabeth "Betsy" Paris.  Benjamin appears in Franklin Co., IL and was in the Indian War there as was Anderson Farris, believed to be related to Benjamin's wife, Laura Farris.  It is certain that she was related - probably a sister - to Lucian Farris of Reynolds Co., MO.  Benjamin married Laura Farris b. 12 Feb 1818, d. 16 Apr 1879.  It is unknown where they married but probably in Illinois as their first child, James Carter Talbott was born in Coles Co., IL.  They moved to Washington Co., MO by 1840 as they are there in the 1840 census.  Benjamin was also a 2nd Lt. in the Mexican War and a Capt. in the Civil War.  He killed a man at a circus, according to the History of the county and was jailed.  This would have been at the time of the Civil War as he excaped from jail (according to a letter - with a little help from his friends) and was killed by bushwhackers at his home.  I find Benjamin to be one of the most interesting characters in my ancestry and have given talks about him to genealogical societies as I have so much documentation and believe I know more about him than his wife probably did.  Probably a good thing she didn't know as much.  

Their children were:

***1. James Carter Talbott b. 25 Feb 1833 Coles Co., IL (my great grandfather - more
      about him later)
2.    William Hazlet Talbott b. 7 Mar 1835 MO, d. 12 Mar 1863.   He m. 19 Aug 1855  
      Franklin Co., MO to Cathrine Dorinen. He was in the Civil War and according to
      Confederate records, he died March 12, 1863 at Camp near  Little Rock. He served as
      Capt. in Co. D 12 Regt MO - White's Regt.  He had enlisted in Carter Co., MO on 29
      July 1862 and on another confederate record shows he enlisted 21 Aug 1862 in Oregon
      Co., MO.  I have no record  of his family.
3.    Sarah L. Talbott b. 6 Dec 1849 MO, d. 26 Nov 1885; m. 15 June 1868 Jefferson Co.,
      MO to Allen Delcour.  It  appears that her name may have been shown as Sarah
4.    Amanda Talbott b. 16 Apr 1856 MO, d. 4 Aug 1917 in Carterville, Jasper Co., MO 
      (this is where my grandparents  were married in 1897 and where Amanda's 
      brother,James C. Talbott was living when he died in 1922); Amanda
      m. ____ Jones
5.    Laura A. Talbott b. ca. 1838 MO, d. after 1880;  m. Levi Gibson.  1860 St. Francois
      Co., MO (next door to her sister and her mother closeby on this same census.   1880
      Dent Co., MO 1880
6.    Juliet/Julia N. Talbott b. ca. 1840 MO, d. 5 Mar 1907 MO; m. 3 Feb 1859 Washington
      Co., MO to John B. Ross. She is shown as Julia N. and Julia Ann.  They apear in the
      1880 and 1900 Washington Co., MO census
7.    Mary Elizabeth Talbott b. 27 Aug 1842 MO, d. 3 May 1888; m.16 Aug 1859 St. Francois
      Co., MO to David V. Gibson (probably a brother to Levi Gibson who maried Mary's
      sister, Laura A. Talbott).  Mary and David Gibson are found on the 1860 and 1870
      St. Francois Co., MO Census
8.    Hiram P. (middle name probably Paris) Talbott b. ca. 1844-5 MO; m. Prudence Leeper
      as her second husband. I believe Paris is his middle name as his grandfather,
      Daniel  Talbott, was a guardian of Hiram Paris (found as Hiram Parish is KY court
      records), probably Betsy Paris' nephew when her brother, Moses Paris, died.  Hiram 
      also served in the Civil war as a Private in Co. D, Missouri Infantry as a 
      Confederate - in the  same unit as his brothers, William H. Talbott and James C. who
      also served as a  Private.  Hiram got involved with a murder when his brother, James
      C. Talbott (my great grandfather), was  stabbed in 1870.  Thinking James C. had been
      killed, friends found Hiram and told  him that hisbrother had been killed.  Hiram 
      was handed a gun (according to newspaper accounts - found in this blog) and rode
      into town and killed  the man who stabbed his brother.  Hiram then  rode out of town
      and was later arrested, found guilty of 2nd degree murder and  sentenced to three 
      years in the penitentiary but was pardoned by the governor.  I  have the newspaper
      account and the penitentiary records.  Hiram and his wife,  Prudence are found on 
      the 1900 Crawford Co., MO Census.  Hiram had liver cancer and had been treated for 
      it by his brother-in-law Columbus Missey.  Hiram died about  1912 and his wife moved
      to Oregon with her children where she died.
      Hiram had two sons:
      1.    Clarence Talbott b. June 1875 MO
      2.    Pierce Talbott b. Jan 1884 Texas
9.    Cynthia N. Talbott b. 3 Apr 1848 Washington Co., MO, d. 28 Mar 1896 Vilander,
      Crawford Co., MO; m.Columbus F. Missey.  They are both buried at Harrison Cemetery.
      Columbus F. Missey's son, Albert Paris Missey kept a journal and some of the
      information came from this source.
10.   Kennett Talbott b. ca. 1852 MO
11.   Emma Talbott b. ca. 1853-4 MO; m. John A. Wright.  One of their children is named
      Albertine so it is possible that the next child was, indeed, Albertine - not
      Albert.    They appear on the 1880 Washington Co., MO Census.  I have a picture of
      their daughter, Hattie (taken in Chicago), which was in my grandmother's 
12.   Albert/Albertine Talbott b. 1858-59 MO.  This child has been shown as a female in
      1860 St. Francois Co., MO census and as a male in the 1870 Washington Co., MO
13.   Benjamin C. Talbott b. ca. 1852 MO
14.   Marie Talbott b. 1 Aug 1838.

*** My direct lineage

JAMES CARTER TALBOTT b. 25 Feb 1833 Coles Co., IL

This picture is of James Carter Talbott and, I believe, the writing on the back was written (in part) by him. 
The date of death and the date picture taken appears to be in the handwriting of my uncle, Everson Talbot "Tab" Simonson.  It appears to me that James Carter Talbott is not 72 years of age in this picture.  I have other pictures that are of him at an older age. 

I am soooo anxious to hear from others who descend through J. C. Carter.  He is the father of my grandmother, Ella Talbott who married my grandfather, Jesse Russell Simonson.

  James Carter Talbott was b. 25 Feb 1833 Coles Co., IL, 
  d. 6 Jan 1939 Carterville, Jasper Co., MO.   James C.
  "Jim" Talbott was the first child of Benjamin Talbott and
  Laura Farris.   I don't know how the "Carter" name fits 
  into the family at this point nor why his mother (she was
  the only one really necessary to be there at the time of
  his birth) was in Coles Co., IL.  As far as I know, his
  mother was born in Illinois, but I do not know where.    
  James C. Talbott was in the Civil War and served with   
  his brothers, William H. and Hiram P., for the 
  Confederacy.  One of his nieces said that James Carter 
  Talbott was a man who carried a Bible in one pocket and 
  a flask of whiskey in the other and loved to argue the 
  bible.  I am very very fortunate to have many letters 
  that James C. Talbott wrote to his youngest daughter, my 
  grandmother.  He was a very loving and caring father.  I 
  may later add these letters to another page designated 
  just for that purpose.  Let me know if any are   
  interested in this endeavor.  One of these letters was 
  written by Hiram T. Talbott on the day his father, James 
  C. Talbott, died and was written to his sister, Ella 
  Talbott, my grandmother.  James Carter Talbott was also 
  a Justice of the Peace and performed many marriages and 
  among them were for some of his own relatives.  James C. Talbott pictured in his Confederate uniform with his son, Washington Valentine Talbott as a child.

James Carter Talbott m/1: 19 Mar 1854 Washington Co., MO to Sarah Elizabeth Hays b. 8 May 1837, d. 20 Dec 1867
    Children of James Carter Talbott and Sarah Elizabeth Hays :
    1.    William Benjamin Talbott or Benjamin William  b. 18 Feb 1855 MO; d. 16 Oct 
          1897;  m. 24 Dec 1875 Washington Co., MO to Martha Elizabeth Wright
    2.    Washington Valentine Talbott b. 14 Feb 1857 Potosi, Washington Co., MO; d. 9 
          Feb 1939 Belt, Cascade Co., MT; m. 1883 to Jane Bradshaw
    3.    Sarah Ida Talbott b. 26 Feb 1859; d. 25 Sept 1863
    4.    James Thompson Talbott b. 20 Nov 1861; d. 14 Dec 1899 Como, Colorado
    5.    John Lee Talbott b. 25 Sept 1864 IL/MO; d. 5 Dec 1915 MO; m. Mae ____
    6.    Emma Julia Talbott b.  17 Feb 1867 Fourcheranault, Washington Co., MO, d. 1 Aug
          1940 3:20 a.m. at Pueblo, CO; m. Matt Gibson
James Carter Talbott m/2: 22 Oct 1868 Elizabeth Helan Tummins b. 2 Apr 1846, d.
22 Nov 1869
    Children of James Carter Talbott and Elizabeth Helan Tummins:
    7.    Joseph Carter Talbott b. 31 July 1869, d. 18 Aug 1869 aged about 1 month
                    James Carter Talbott m/3: 10 Mar 1870 Sarah Jane Cain (spelled Cane in the
          notes of James Carter Talbott) b. 20 July 1849, d. 29 Sept 1884 MO, d/o James
          Cain and Martha "Patsy" Brim.  This picture is of James Carter Talbott and
          Sarah Jane Cain.  I have the original of these pictures and the one of Sarah
          Jane Cain is VERY large and I had a picture made of it for this purpose.  I
          think James Carter Talbott is very good looking and I have pictures of him as
          he gets older, too.  The amount of material I have on this family is amazing to
          me.  I think I was meant to have it as I am a sharer. God works in wondrous 
          ways - even in genealogy.
James Carter Talbott m/3: 10 Mar 1870 Washington Co., MO to Sarah Jane Cain (I have a large portrait of her on my downstairs "family" wall), d/o James Cain and Martha "Patsy" Brim
Children of James Carter Talbott and Sarah Jane Cain:
    8.    Hiram Thomas Talbott b. 3 Jan 1871 Jefferson Co., MO, d. 6 Jan 1939 at 1:30
          p.m. at Jasper Co., MO; m/1: 20 Nov 1894 to Ella Viola Bartley
    9.    Martha Laura Talbott b. 24 July 1872 MO, d. 15 Sept 1883
   10.    Maranda Jane Talbott b. 29 July 1874, d. 3 Oct 1875
   11.    Mary "Molly" Elizabeth Talbott b. 13 Mar 1876 MO, d. 31 Dec 1939; m. Charles
   12.    Robert Henry Talbott b. 1 Feb 1878 MO, d. 12 Sept 1879
***13.    Healen Ellen "Ella" Talbott b. 15 Dec 1879 Old Mines, Washington Co., MO; d. 27
          Sept 1965 Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras Co., CA; m. 7 July 1897 Carterville, Jasper
          Co., MO to Jesse Russell Simonson.  These were my grandparents.
   14.    Charley Allen Talbott b. 2 Jan 1883 MO, d. 2 Jan 1886 MO

James Carter Talbott m/4: 5 Oct 1887 Ollie M. Cole.  They had no children of their own.  In the handwritten notes of James Carter Talbott it is stated that Ollie M. Goade b. 25 May 1884, d. 1 Mar 1903.  I'm not sure if this was a child of Ollie's by a previous marriage or who she is.  In addition to Ollie M. Goade are others in the James Talbott Family Record who are related to the family.

*** (indicates my direct lineage)

Microfilm borrowed from the Missouri State Historical Society

Washington County, Missouri
Washington County Journal - Potosi, Thursday, July 21, 1870

A DOUBLE TRAGEDY -- One man seriously cut, and another killed!
    A horrible tragedy transpired at Coleman's Store, Liberty township, in this county, on Saturday last, resulting in the infliction of seven serious knife wounds upon one party, and the instantaneous killing, by a pistol shot, of another.
    During Saturday afternoon a considerable crowd had assembled in the vicinity of Mr. Firmin Coleman's store, to participate in a shooting match. At about three o'clock, according to our information, many of the party having become Intoxicated and boisterous, Jasper Vandever - a young man who had not heretofore borne a good character, -- made an assault (which we are assured was entirely unprovoked) upon the person of James Talbott, who had been engaged in the match.
    That part of the affair not having been up to the present time made the subject of legal Investigation, we are unable to give the details. In the course of the difficulty, however, Vandever inflicted upon Talbott seven severe stabs with a large, ugly looking pocket knife.
    The Injured man was placed on the porch of Mr. Coleman's store In a bleeding, fainting condition, and medical aid summoned. A little later In the afternoon Hiram Talbott, a younger brother of the victim of the first affray, returned to the neighborhood from a visit to the residence of his sister, on Black river. At the store of Mr. A. L. Edwards, about two miles from the scene of bloodshed he was first Informed of the affair, by a bystander. A young acquaintance, Marion Walser, according to the evidence adduced, then proposed to Hiram Talbott to go to the place where his brother was supposed to be lying in a dying condition, and kill Vandever.
    The two rode off together to Coleman's store, one of them borrowing a pistol on the way and Walser carrying It, arrived upon the spot and in the immediate presence of the wounded man, another scene of blood was quickly enacted. Just after dismounting, Walser drew forth the pistol and handed it to young Talbott. Vandever was advancing upon the porch at the moment -It is stated by some with a show to attack another man who had In some way offended him. As young Talbott saw him advancing, he accosted him with a peremptory challenge, to which, however, Vandever did not seem to heed, at all. With his first attempt Talbott did not discharge his pistol - It snapping; Instantly re-cocking It he fired, and with but too deadly aim. With the report Vandever fell forward upon his face, and with a gasp or two expired.
    Talbott, seeing the fearful result of his passion, threw down his pistol, mounted his horse, and hurriedly rode away. Walser followed soon after, and before the authorities could be apprised of the fact the two made good their escape under cover of night. A subsequent examination of the body of Vandever discovered that the pistol ball had entered the right side, and passing through is heart, come out upon the left. The weapon used was a clumsy, single-barreled pistol, made from the breech of a common rifle barrel, very plainly mounted and about 44 caliber. In Vandevere's pocket was found the knife with which he cut Talbott, and projecting from his boot leg an Iron poker, both of which, together with the pistol, are now in the possession of Sheriff Breckenridge. Beside the stabs received by James Talbott, in his encounter with Vandever, the latter bruised him severely In the breast by repeated blows with a rock. He has, however, so far recovered from his injuries as to have been removed to his home, and is now reported In a fair way for recovery.
    Of the slain and his slayer, it is but just for us to repeat in this connection what we have heard Iterated and reiterated by their neighbors; that while Vandever was a vicious, dangerous man, especially under the Influence of Intoxicating liquors, as was very frequently the case, Talbott has been known as a peaceable and strictly temperate young man, easily Influenced, and of a very impulsive temperament.

Talbott Family Record
On Stationary of "J. C. Talbott
                           Kansas City, Missouri"
(Handwritten family record - probably written by James C. Talbott (Ruby Simonson McNeill's great grandfather):
J. C. Talbott born Feb 25-1833 Cole Co., Ill. (written in different writing - Died Apr. 6-1922 Carterville, Mo)
Sarah Jane Cane born July 20-1849 died Sept 29-1884
Hiram Thos. Talbott born Jan 3rd-1871
Martha Laura Talbott July 24-72 Died Sept 15 1883
JC & Sarah married Mar 10 1870
Robt Henry born Feb 1 1878 Died Sept 12-1879
Helen Ellen Dec 15-1879
Charley Allen born Jan 2-1883 Died Jan 2-1886
Miranda Jane born July 25-1874 died oct 3-1875
Mary Elizabeth born Mar 13-1876

Another loose piece of paper is handwritten (not that of James Carter Talbott  but appears to be the same as the 3-sheet record that follows this small recording:
James C Talbott Born Feb 25-1833 died Apr 6-1922
Sarah E. Talbott born May 8-1837 Died Dec 20-1867
Benj. W. Talbott Born Feb 18-1855 Died Oct 16-1897
Washington V. Talbott Born Feb 14-1857 died Feb 9-1939
James T. Talbott Born 1867
John Lee Talbott " Sept 25 1864
Sarah Ida Talbott born Feb 26-1859
Emma Julia Talbot Born Feb 17-1867

On three loose pieces of steno paper in the handwriting of Helen Ellen "Ella" Talbott b. Dec. 15, 1879
    (Ruby Simonson McNeill's grandmother) is the following family record:
                      Births and Deaths. Bal  -  Aug, 31-1867
                             1st piece of paper
    James Carter Talbott Born Feb 25, 1833 at 10 a.m.,  Died Apr 6-1922 at 10 a.rn.
    Sarah Elizabeth Hays wife of J. C. Talbott Born May 8, 1837 Died Dec. 20, 1867
    Elizabeth Helan Tummins wife of J. C. Talbott Born Apr 2nd-1846, Died Nov 22nd 1969
    William Benjamin Talbott Born Feb 18-1855, Died Oct 16-1897
    Washington Valentine Talbott Born Feb 14-1857, Died Feb 9th, 1939
    Sarah Ida Talbott Born Feb 26-1859, Died Sept 25-1863
    James Thompson Talbott Born Nov 20-1861, Died Dec. 14th 1899
    John Lee Talbott Born Sept. 25th, 1864, Died Dec. 5, 1915
    Emma Julia Talbott Born Feb 17-1867, Died Aug 1-1940 3:20 a.m.
    Joseph Carter Talbott, Born July 31st 1869, Died Aug 18-1869 at the age o fabout 1 mo
    Sarah Jane Cane wife of James C. Talbott Born July 20th 1849 - Died Sept 29-1884
    Hiram Thomas Talbott Born Jan. 3rd 1871, Died Jan 6-1939 at 1:30 p.m.
    Martha Laura Talbott Born  July 24th 1872 - Died Sept 15-1883
    Maranda Jane Talbott Born July 29-1874, Died Oct 3rd 1875
                                2nd piece of paper
    Mary Elizabeth Talbott Born Mar 13-1876, Died Dec 31-1939
    Benjamin Talbott Born June 15-1811, Died March 22-1865 (J. C. Talbott's father)
    Laura Talbott Mother of James C. Talbott Born Feb 12th 1818 Died April 16-1879
    William Hazlet Talbott Born Mar. 17th 1835, Died Mar 17th 1863
    James Carter Talbott and Sarah Elizabeth Hays married March 19-1854
    James C. Talbott and Elizabeth Helan Tummins was married Oct. 22-1868. She died Nov 22-1869
    Jarnes C. Talbott and Sarah Jane Cane was married Mar 10- 1870
    Robert Henry Talbott Born Feb 1st 1878, Died Sept 12-1879
    Healen Ellen Talbott Born Dec 15-1879
    Charley Allen Talbott Born Jan 2-1883 - Died Jan 2-1886
    Sarah Delcour Born Dec 6th 1849, Died Nov 26-1885
    James C. Talbott and Ollic M. Cole married Oct 5-1887
                             3rd piece of paper
    0llieM. Goade Born May 25-1884 Died March 1st 1903,
    Mary Elizabeth Gibson Born Aug 27th 1842, Died May3rd 1888
    Carter Clark Talbott Born Apr 16-1889
    Amanda Talbott Jones Born Apr 16th 1856, Died Aug, 5-1917
    Benjamin William
    Martha E. Wright and Benjamin Talbott family
    Martha E. Talbott Born Dec 17-1857, Died Mar 15-1939
    Infant son Born Dec 15-1875
    Frank Leslie Talbott Born June 15-1877, Died June 2nd, 1939
    Ella Myrtle Talbott Born Oct 7-1879, Died Jan 16-1918
    Rosy Blanche Talbott Born Aug 24-1881, Died
    Chas. Ferdinand Talbott March 20- 1884 Died
    William C. Talbott Born Dec 31-1886
    Cleaveland Talbott Born -
    Clinton Talbott Born -
    Horace Talbott Born -


THIS INDENTURE made the 20th day of October in the yeare of our Lord God 1698 Between William Stewart of the County of Westmoreland of the one part & William Talbott & Catherine his Wife of the other part.  Witnesseth that the said William Stewart for & in consideracon of the sum of Six thousand pounds of good sound tobacco in caske hath given & made over unto the said Wm: Talbott and Katherine his Wife his heires & assignes forever, all that parcell of Land situate lying and being in the County of Richmond conteyning One hundred thirty & three acres & a halfe being the one halfe or moyety of a parcell of Land purchased by the said William Stewart & Morgan Williams and now in the tenure & occupacon of the said Wm. Stewart with all the rights & appurtenances with all profitts & hereditaments thereunto belonging and also all the right & demand whatsoever of him the said Wm. Stewart & his heires; To have & to hold the said parcell of Land and the premisses hereby granted with all & singular its rights unto the said Wm. Talbot & Catherine his Wife his heires to the only proper use of the sd Wm. Talbott & Catherine his Wife his heires & assignes forever and the said Wm. Stewart for himselfe his heirs the said parcell of Land unto the said Wm. Talbott & Catherine his Wife against him his heires & all & every other persons lawfully claiming any right shall & will warrant & forever defend by these presents, And the said Wm. Stewart doth agree that he hath full power to sell the hereby granted premisses and that he the said William Talbott & Catherine his Wife his heires & every of them may at all times forever hereafter lawfully & quietly hold & enjoy the said Land with all its rights without any lawfull trouble or disturbance of him the said William Stewart his heires or any other person lawfully claiming under him, And further he the said Wm. Stewart will at the reasonable request of the said Wm. Talbott & Catherine his Wife & at his or their proper cost & charge in the Law acknowledge every such reasonable assurance as shall be reasonably advised for the better assurance of the before sold premisses and also make acknowledgement of this present Deed of Bargaine & Sale before the Worshipfull his Majties Justices of the peace at the next Court that shall be held for the County of Richmond in Testimonie whereof the said Wm. Stewart hath hereunto sett his hand & seale the day & yeare first above written
Signed sealed & delivered in presence of
Richd: White                                                                                                                                       
Wm. Stewart
Tho: Dickenson
Recognitr in Cur Com: Richmond 1st die Febry: Ano: Dom: 1698 et record: 15th die
     TO ALL XPIAN  people to whom these prsents shall come, Wm. Stewart of the County of Westmoreland sendeth Greetings.   Whereas John Peirce by his obligacon bearing date the first day of July 1691 became bound unto Morgan Williams & Wm. Stewart joyntly & severally in the sum of Thirty three thousand pounds of tobacco condiconed for the performance of Covinants comprized & menconed in a certaine Indenture of Bargaine & Sale of a certaie parcell of Land scituate lying & being in the County of Richmond, the one halfe or moyety whereof is now by the said Wm. Stewart bargained & sold unto Wm. Talbott & Catherine his heirs & assignes.   Now the said Wm. Stewart for their better enjoying of the said premisses with all & singular the appurtinances thereunto belonging hath as much as in him is assigned & made over and doth by these prsents full clearly & absolutely assigne and make over unto the said Wm. Talbott & Catherine his Wife their heires & assignes forever the said recited obligation and all & every the sum or sums of tobacco therein conteyned & menconed and the benefitts & advantages thereof to be had & made and the sd Wm. Stewart doth granted to & with the sd Wm. Talbott & Catherine his Wife his heires & assignes that he the said Wm. Talbott his heires & assignes shall in lawfull manner at his cost & charges in all things at all times hereafter sue for levey & enjoy all sums of tobacco benefitts & advantages whatsoever wch may be gotten by virtue or maner of the said recited obligacon in the name of the sd William Stewart his heires without any manner of non suit release trouble or interruption of the sd Wm. Stewarthis Executrs: or assignes, And the said Wm. Talbott & Catherine his Wife do agree with the sd Wm. Stewartthat they will save & keep harmless the said Wm. Stewart his heires & assignes from all manner of costs & charges that may arise by manner of any suit upon or by reason of the said obligacon.   In Witness whereof the sd Wm. Stewart hath hereunto sett his hand & seale this 29th of Octbr:
Ano: 1698.
Signed sealed & delivered in presence of
           Tho: Dickinson                                                                       Wm. Stewart
            Richd: WhiteB
Recognitr: in Cur: Com: Richmond 1st die Febry: Ano: Dom: 1698 et recorded: 15th die
                Test Wm. Colston, Cl Cur

At a court held for Richmond County the 6th day of May 1713
John Tarpley                    Thomas Fitzhugh            )
Charles Barber               Austin Brockenbrough  )                        Gent Justices
Joseph Duke
     Katherine Talbot came into Court and made oath that William Talbot departed this life without making any will so far as she knows or believes and on her motion and giving Security for her just and Fairthful administration of the said deceds Estate, Certificate is granted her for obtaining Letters of Administration i due form.
     James Irgo, Joseph Belfield, Thomas James and Henry Bruce or any three of them Sometime between this and the next court, are appointed to appraise all and singular the estate of William Talbot deced, which shall be presented to their view (the said estate to be appraised in money) and make Report thereof to the said next court.   Capt. Edward Barrow or any other Justice of ye peace for this county is Requested to adminster an oath to the appraisers for their true appraisement of the said deceds Estate and also to Katherine Talbott ye administratrix for her true discovery thereof.
     Katherine Talbot, John Champe and John Talbot came into court and acknowledged their bond for the said Katherine Talbots Just and Fairthful adminstracen of the Estate of William Talbott deced, and it was admitted to Record.
     At a Court held for Richmond County the third day of June 1713
Alexander Donipan                           Jonathon Gibson     )                   Gent Justices
Charles Barber                                 Richard Talliafero  )
The appraisement of the estate of William Talbott deced being this day returned, It is ordered that the same be Recorded.
True Extracts from records of my court.
                                                  Teste:   E. Carter Delano, Dep: Clk.
O.B.6, pp 88-91-107

  This indenture made the 2/d Day of Septemb/r in the fifth yeare of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord Geroge by the Grace of God of Great Brittain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith&c. and in the yeare of our Lord Christ One Thousand Seven hundred and nineteen Between Samuell Talbott of the Parish of Sittenburne in the county of Richmond of the one part and Benjamin Talbott of the Parish and County aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that the said Samuell Talbott for diverse good causes and considerations him thereunto moving hath Given, Granted, Bargained and Sold and by these presents Doth fully clearly and absolutely Give, Grant Bargain and Sell unto the said Benjamin Talbott his heirs and assigns All that his Right, Title Use, Interest Reversion and Remainder of and in all and singular one Tract or Parcell of Land Containing Sixty Six Acres and three Quarters of an acre It being on the head of Rapp/a Creek in the Parish and County aforesaid and being part of one hundred thirty three acres and a halfe formerly Purchased of William Stewart by William Talbott Father of the aforesaid Benjamin Talbott party of these presents who is since deceased by Patent Dated the Twenty Ninth Day of October One Thousand six hundred and ninety eight the said Sixty Six and three Quarters of an acre of Land is bounded on the aforesaid Creek and now in the possession of Katherine Mews, Mother of the said Samuell and Benjamin Talbott partys to these presents which said Messuage and other the premises with the appertenances he the said Samuel hath should or ought to have by and after the Decease of the said Katherine Mews the Mother of the said partys to these presents which said Messuage Tennement and Tract of Lane and the immediate Reversion thereof unto the said Benjamin Talbott and his heirs Together with all the Deeds, Evidences, Charters, Escripts, Writings and Mimments which he the said Samuell Talbottor any other to his use or by his consent or Delivery have or hath touching or concerning the s/d Messuage or Tenement and other the premises and any part of percell thereof all and singular which said Deeds, Evidences, Charters &c. the said Benjamin Talbott hath already Delivered him at and before the ensealing and delivery of these presents TO HAVE & to hold the said Reversion Tenement and other the premises with all appurtenances before by these presents Bargained and Sold or ment mentioned or intended to be hereby Granted, Bargained & Sold and every part thereof immediately from and after the Decease of the said Katherine Mews the Mother unto the said Benjamin Talbott his heirs and assigns and the said Samuell Talbott his heirs and assigns for himself Doth Grant to and with the said Benjamin Talbott that he the said Benj/a Talbott shall and may from time to time and at all times forever hereafter peaceably and quietly have, hold, use, occupie, possess and enjoy the before granted Land and premises with out any Trouble Lett Suite or hindrance of him the said Samuell Talbott his heirs or assignes and it is farther Agreed by and between the said parties that if the said Benjamin Talbott should Die without Issue lawfully begotten then the said Land and premises to return to the said Samuel Talbottto him and his heirs for ever In Witness whereof the said Samuell Talbott hath hereunto sett his hand & Seale the Day & yeare first above written.
Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of)
Edw/d Hinkley                                                                   Samuel (his Mark) Talbott {Seal}
Henry Ward
     Att a Court held for Richmond County the Second Day of September 1719 -
Samuel Talbott came into Court and acknowledged this his Deed unto Benjamin Talbott which was admitted to Record. also Elizabeth Talbott the wife of the said Samuell Talbott appeared in Court and relinquished her Right of Dower in the Land conveyed in this Deed unto the said Benjamin Talbott, which was also admitted to Record unto the said Benjamin Talbott, which was also admitted unto the said Benjamin Talbott, which was also admitted to Record.
Test.  M:Beckwith Cl. Cur.
A Copy - Teste: E. Carter Delano Dep:Clk.
Samuel Talbott
Benjamin Talbott
Sept 2, 1719
D.B. 7, p.433

    This Indenture made the Sixth Day of February In the Ninth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord Geroge by the Grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c    And in the year of our Lord Christ One Thousand Seven hundred and Twenty Two Between Samuell Talbot of the parish of Sittenburne in the County of Richmond planter of the one part and Benjamin Talbot of the aforesd parish and County Planter of the other part Witnesseth That the said Samuell Talbot for and in consideration of the same of Three Thousand Five hundred pounds of good Tobo to him in hand paid or Secured to be paid by the said Benjamin Talbot at and before the Ensealing and Delivery of these presents the Receipt whereof he the said Samuel Talbot doth hereby acknowledge and himselfe therewith sattifyed by these presents hath Granted alienated Bargained Sold Remised Released and Confirmed and by these presents Doth fully clearly and absolutely Grant bargaine Sell Remise Release and confirms unto the said Benja Talbot(in his actuall possession now being by Vertue of a Bargaine and Sale to him thereof made for One whole yeare by Indenture bearing Date the Day before these presents and by forse of a Statute for transferring uses into possession) and to his heirs and assignes for ever all that parcell or piece of Land and plantation containing by Estimation One hundred and Thirty Three Acres and One halfe acre by the Same more or Less being the one halfe or moiety of a parcell of Land formerly purchased by one William Stewart of sd County Decd and Morgan Williams and by the sd Wm. Stewart Sold and conveyed to one William Talbot and Catherine his Wife father and mother of the sd Samuell and Benjamin parties to thes presents mentioned by patent baring Date ye 29th Day of October 1698 and duely acknowledged in the County of Richmond as in and by ye Records thereof Doth and may appeare and after the Decease of the sd Willm Talbot became the freehold and Inheritance of the sd Samuell Talbot first party to these presents the said 133 acres and one half of the Land be the same more or less is Sittuate lying and being in the aforesd parish of Sittenbourne and binding on the head of Rappa Creek with all and Singular its Rights members & appurtenances together with all houses and outhouses edifices Buildings orchards Gardens Woods and Underwoods ways water & water courses advantages profits Emolumts hereditamts and appurtenances whatsoever to the said parcel or piece of Land and premises or to any part or parcell thereof belonging or in any wise appertaining and the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders Rents Issues and Profits of all and singular the before mentioned premises and every part and parcell thereof and also all the Right Title and Interest possession Property Claime and Demand whatsoever of him the said Samuell Talbot  To have and to hold the parcell or piece of Land & all and Singular the premises hereby Granted bargained and Sold Remised Released and Confirmed or mentioned to be hereby Done and Every part and parcell thereof with their and every of their appurtenances unto the sd Benja Talbot his heirs Exors Admrs or Assignes for ever To the only Proper Dowers and Titles of Dower Statutes Recognizances Judgmts forfeitures Executions and of and from all other Titles Troubles Changes and Incumbrances whatsoever had made committed Done or Suffered to be Done by him the sd Samll Talbot his heirs Exors and admrs or any other person or persons whatsoever Lawfully claiming or to claime by from or under him their or any of them his or their Estate or Estates and Further the sd Samuel Talbot his heirs &c shall and will at any Court held for the County of Richmond within Six months after the Date of these presents upon the Request of the sd Benjamin Talbot his heirs or assigns duely to personally acknowledge these presents in Court to the End the same may be Recorded and that he the sd Samuell Talbot his heirs &c shall and will at any time hereafter upon Request of the sd Benja Talbot his heirs &c make Doe or Suffer to be Done all and every such act or acts thing or things device or devices conveyances and Assureances in the Law for the further Strenthining more Sure and perfect making and conveying of the sd granted premises unto the sd Benja Talbot his heirs &c as his Councell learned in the Law shall Devise advise or Requirie so as the same be Done at the proper costs and charges of the sd Benjamin Talbot his heirs &c In Witts whereof the party first above named hereunto hath Interchangeably set his hand and Fixed his Scale the Day and yeare first above written ---
Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of us ---                             Samuel (His T mark) Talbot {Seale}
Edwd Hinkley
James Wilson
John (his mark) Yeatman
      At a Court held for Richmond County the Sixth Day of February 1722
     Samuell Talbot came into court and acknowled this his Deed of Release unto Benjamin Talbot which was admitted to Record Also Elizabeth Talbot the wife of the said Samuel Talbot appeared in Court and Relinquished her Right of Dower in the Land Conveyed in this Deed unto the said Benjamin Talbot, which was also admitted to Record --
Test - M: Beckwith Cl. Cur.
A Copy - Teste:
              E. Carter Delano, Dep:Clerk
Samuel Talbot Indenture to
Benjamin Talbot
Feb 6 - 1722
Copy from D.B.8, p.182
Richmond County Records - Warsaw, VA
Teste: E. Carter Delano Dep: Clerk - Oct. 1923

Richmond County Deed Book #8
     Lease and Release. Feb. 5-6, 1722 from Samuell Talbot of Parish of Sittenburne in R, planter, to Benjamin Talbot of same, planter, for 3500 pounds of good tobacco, all that parcel of land and plantation containing about 133.5 acres, being the one half or moiety of a parcel of land formerly purchased by William Stewart of R decd and Morgan Williams, and by the said William Stewart sold to Willm Talbot and Catherine, his wife, father and mother of the said Samuell and Benjamin, parties to these presents, mentioned by patent of Oct 29, 1698, and after the death of the said William Talbot, became the freehold and inheritance of the said Samuel Talbot, party to these presents first names.   The 133.5 acres is in Sittenburne, and bounded by the head of Rappahanock Cr, and now in the tenure of said Benja Talbot.
                                                                                                                        Signed - Samuell (his T mark) Talbot
Edwd Hinkley
John (his mark) Yeatman
James Willson
Recorded Feb 6, 1722.
Elizabeth Talbot, the wife of the said Samuell Talbot, appeared in court and relinquished her right of dower.

Will of Samuel Talbert/Talbutt of Richmond Co., VA
     In the name of God Amen I Samuell Talbert of the parrish of North Farnham and County of Richmond being very sick of body but in sound sence and memory thanks be Given to God for the same Doe Constitute and ordain this to be my Last wille and Testament in maner and forme following (vizt) -
     Impr mis - First and principally I recomend my Soul to Almighty God who Gave it and my Body to be decently interrd at the discrecon of my Executrix hereafter named and as for my worldly Estate which it hath pleased almighty God to his great goodness to Endow me with I freely part with and dispose of as followeth -
     Item I give and bequeath unto my Brother Benjamin Talbutt my best suit of wearing cloths and four chairs.
     Item I give unto my Loving wife Elizabeth Talbutt all the rest of my estate whatsoever both real and personall and further my will is that my said wife Elizabeth Talbutt be whole and sole Executrix of this my Last will and Testament acknowledging this and none other hereby Disanulling all former and other wills heretofore by me made in Testimony whereof I have hereto sett my hand and seal the 16th day of December 1726.
                                                                                                                            Samll (his mark "T") Talbutt {Seal}
sealed and dd in the prsence of
Robt (his mark) Buckley                                                                      At a Court held for Richmond County
Thomas Gearing                                                                                    the first day of February 1726/7
     This will was proved in open court by the oaths of Thomas Gearing one of the witnesses thereo and admitted to Record.
Test - M:Beckwith Cl. Cur.
A copy - Teste: E. Carter Delano

 Will of Benjamin Talbott of Richmond Co., VA
      In the name of God Amen I Benjamin Talbutt of the parrish of Sittenburn and County of Richmond being Very Sick of body but of sound sence and memory praise be Given to God for the same do constitute and ordain this to be my Land will and Testament in Manner and Forme following (Vizt-)
      Impr mis   First and principally I recomend my Soul to Almight God who gave it, and my body to be decently Interrd at the descreton of my Exrs hereafternamed -
      Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Loving wife Hannah Talbutt a horse and a suit of cloths and four charis a hand saw broad ax ads and Sword I give to be equally devided between my four sons William - Benjamin Daniel and Samuell Talbutt - all which my Brother Samuell Talbutt left me before his deceas -
      Item I Give unto my son William Talbutt a pair of pistolls holsters and Brest plate -
      Item I Give unto my four sons William Benjamin Daniel  and Samuell Talbutt two Cows each to be Delivered to themwhen they attain the age of twenty one years - and further m Will is that at the Death of any or either of them that their share go to the survivors
     Item I Give unto Pursley Neale my Yellow Suit of Cloths
     Item I Give unto my Loving wife all the rest of my Estate and Land and one Negro woman named Molle and aftr her decease to Go to my son William and if in Case the negro woman hath any children my will is that my other three sons have each of them one if she have so many and if not that my son Benjamin have the first born Daniel the next and Samuell the Last and if she have any more to go to my Said Son Williamand his heirs -
     I Constitute and appoint my well beloved wife and my Loving friend Wharton Ramsdell whole and sole Exrs of this my Last will and Testament hereby Revoking all former and other wills heretofore by me made.   In Testimony whereof I have sett my hand and seal the 24th day of December 1726 -
   Sealed and DD in the prsence of --                                              Benjamin (his + mark) Talbutt  {Seale}
   Jos: Belfield
   Thos: Gearing
At a Court held for Richmond County the first day of February 1726 -
This will was proved in Open Court by the oaths of Joseph Belfield & Thomas Gearing witnesses thereto and admitted to Record
Test M:Beckwith Cl Cur.
A Copy - Teste: E. Carter Delany, Dep Clk.

Interesting sidelights into my ancestor (is he yours?)
War of the Rebellion - Series I - Vol. III, pub. 1881
Camp Benton, Mo., August 25, 1861.
Capt. Ben Talbot:
Sir: I am instructed by Brig. Gen. M. Jeff. Thompson to call your earnest attention to the inclosed general orders.* (*not found)       He has heard with much indignation that you are carrying on an indeiscriminate course of impressment, and that friends suffer as often as foes by your actions.    He desires me to assure you, on his word of honor, that he will hold you strictly accountable for your action in these matters; or, to use his own words, 'Tell Captain Talbot, by God, I'll hang the first man, be he private or officer, be he sworn in the service or not, who transgresses the inclosed general orders'.    John M. Langan, Asst. Adjt. Gen., First Mil. Dist., Missouri State Guard." 


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